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2015年11月号 柳井カトリック教会だよりから

間(ま、あいだ)  ~空間(天地)、時間(過去、現在、未来)、人間~



 キリスト教において、一貫している伝統があります。それは、「Ora et Labora (祈れ、かつ働け) 」です。祈り(観想)と生活(活動)を通して、神の国を生き、宣べ伝えることが私たちキリスト者の信仰生活だということはイエスの生涯が証ししています。祈りは時空を超えて、神と結び合う、至宝の時間と言えましょう。祈りと実生活がしっかりかみ合った時、ほかでもなく、そこに聖なる空間、聖なる時間が現出しています。

 聖地巡礼が真のものになるには、沈黙の時間が必須でしょう。あれ見た、これ見たでは深みがありません。多人数の巡礼では、沈黙の時間が取りにくいので、少人数、もしくは単独がふさわしいかもしれません。聖なる場所と聖なる時間とのコラボ(協働)、これによって私たちは時空を超える恵みをいただきます。  「人間、この未知なるもの」(アレクシス・カレル)に着想を得て、「人間、この間なるもの」と名付けたい。


間(Japanese kanji letter, readings in Romaji: ma, aida ) - the meanings are space(heaven and earth), time(past, present, future), human -

Fr. Simeon Masashi Goto  Recently, the word of 間(ma) was my constant concern. So, I have looked it up in a dictionary (Gakken Japanese Dictionary). The dictionary explains that "Ma" is the space between two structural parts, time between one occurrence and next one, pause(in traditional Japanese music), or moment of silence(in theatorics). In addition, "Aida" is explained that it is a part sandwiched by two things, interval, while, or relation. "Ma", pause or silence, has an important place in Japanese tradirional culture, for example tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, or incense burning. In these way of arts, only when one masters his breath, things would be successfully fulfilled.

In Christianity, there is a consistent tradition, "Ora et Labora (Pray and Work)". Through prayer (contemplation)and living (activities), we chiristian live in the kingdome of God and tell it to everyone. That is the true way of our life that Jesus have shown for us with His life. Prayer is the greatest treasure that leads us, beyond time and space, into closer relationship with God. On an only opportunity when prayer for God and real life firmly engage with each other, we will be able to see the holy space and holy time. A pilgrim visiting sacred place truly be impressed when we have time to keep silence. With the collaboration between sacred place and holy silence time, the grace of God comes to us beyond time and space.

Now, I try to entitle our people, "Man, the Silent”, being provided an inspiration by "Man, the Unknown" (Alexis Carrel).

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